Our Goals

As well as finding people the perfect ESL teaching jobs for them, Teacher’s Friend Vietnam (TFV) have other goals.

  • Find the joy in teaching: the games, the tears, the laughs, the private jokes, the pay packet!
  • Get out of the office: Stand up, be energetic, engage with people, learn from other
  • Don’t mess it up: With us you won’t end up with a broken bike, living in a dodgy backstreet alleyway, with a school who doesn’t respect you, going on over priced tours, never learning a word of the local language and having no local friends.
  • Get treated right: Get paid what you deserve, on time, and with the correct work permit.
  • Need help? Just ask: You can contact our local team or Teacher’s Friend Vietnam internationally at any time by phone, email or Skype for the duration of your time in Vietnam.
  • Fast response times: Don’t sit worrying about something for a week while waiting for a reply, we aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.
  • Want us to let you explore for yourself? Go ahead… the whole country is at your feet.


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