Can you afford NOT to?

Before you ask yourself whether you can afford this UNMISSABLE package deal, you need to ask yourself a much more important question…


Can you afford NOT TO BUY it?

Yes, that’s right. Believe it or not, this package WILL actually save you money.

Let’s say you decide to move to Vietnam alone, without our help. By the time you’ve got your head around the country (and trust me, with the local language, traffic, food, culture and craziness of this wonderful country- there’s a lot to take in), found yourself a motorbike, somewhere to live, familiarised yourself with your new surroundings and then begun sending out your CV (never mind socialising, trying to make friends and having a few beers!) then you’re looking at two weeks at least before you get a job. Minimum.

We can get you a job which averages at least $20 US per hour, and you can start that job IMMEDIATELY. So let’s say you work for the first two weeks when you apply with us, at $20 US per hour, for 20 hours per week (at least) then that’s $400 US per week, and a grand total of $800 which you just lost.

(And of course we don’t need to mention the money you might lose from the scam schools out there, which make you work and then never pay, disappearing without a trace…)



To add to this, average hotel accommodation for a private room in Hanoi is $25-40 per night (depending on your budget and travel style). So let’s say you spend money on two weeks of accommodation, then that’s another $525 US. If you have your own room in a shared house, the average monthly price is just $200 US, making your nightly fee only $6 US per night!

We can have potential houses (based on your preferences) sent to you prior to your arrival and arrange house viewings for the moment you arrive. This means that you can have your own accommodation within just a few days, saving you plenty of money!

Then there’s the motorbike.


You need to know what to look out for, who not to buy from, who you can trust and who will fix your bike for FREE once you’ve purchased it from them. The average cost of a motorbike/ scooter in Vietnam in $250-350 US, so you want to know you’re buying a bike which is reliable, safe and legal. There are also HUNDREDS of bike sellers in Vietnam, all out there to make money from tourists. Your money. Don’t make the same mistakes we did! Plus there’s the cost of repairs… all of our recommended dealers will fix your bike- for free.

Local food and Western Tourist food massively varies in price. Take advantage of the local places which serve excellent food, at local prices. The averages cost of a cheap tourist meal is $8, whereas the average cost of a local meal is about $4… So that’s the difference between $124 per month or $248 per month…(because you will eat out. All the time.)

Of course, not everyone wants to eat local food all the time, so we can also show you some of the best Western food, for the cheapest prices. Don’t pay too much.

Let us let the locals show you the best places to eat for super cheap prices, so that you can spend your money on seeing the country, holidays and fun activities with your new friends instead of wasting it on over-priced eats.


So far we’ve showed you how you could save substantially just by booking with us, avoiding the scams and not making the same mistakes we did….

Throw in pre-written lesson plans, discounted tours and travel, a free city tour, a language exchange and discounted Vietnamese lessons and you have yourself a win/win situation, a complete bargain, a must have package.

Why do it any other way?


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