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Teach English in Vietnam! If you want to be an English teacher in Vietnam and are ready to start your career teaching English in Vietnam then you will need to make sure you meet the requirements. Teaching English in Vietnam used to be very easy, but the government has tightened the regulations in recent years. Choosing the right TEFL course, having a degree and being a Native English speaker are becoming more and more important if you are looking at Teaching English in Vietnam.

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There are a number of TEFL courses in Vietnam which you can choose, but I highly recommend one that is internationally recognised and accredited by a respected governing body.

You will usually need to be a Native English speaker or equivalent to teach legally in Vietnam. If English is not your first then language then a BA degree in English or recognised English language certificate such as IELTS will help you find work as an English Teacher in Vietnam.

When researching the requirements for teaching English in Vietnam, you need to consider whether you want to work legally or illegally. Of course, Teacher’s Freiend Vietnam promotes respecting the country that you are teaching in and following the law. Many websites will tell you that you can teach English in Vietnam with an online TEFL or without a degree. However, this work is usually cash in hand and without a work permit, which is illegal. The uninformed websites don’t tell you this though!


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I am a friendly and approachable, personalised service that puts your interest at heart. I only work in Vietnam because I have a passion and love for this country and it’s people. I only work with highly recommended contacts, most of whom I have dealt with personally. I will answer your emails quickly and thoroughly and respond to all my teachers as real people with real problems- not just another number. I will go out of my wau to make you feel as safe, secure and prepared as possible. I am truly a Teacher’s Friend who offers a service catered to you and your needs. I will go above and beyond your expectations and be there for you every step of the way.

What is an internationally recognised qualification?

The majority of English teaching jobs in Vietnam now require an internationally recognised qualification, This should be at least 120 hours of in-classroom teaching (not online) with a minimum of 6 hours of observed teaching practice with real students who don’t speak English as their first language. It should also be accredited by an official body such as the local government or an educational board. When teaching abroad in Vietnam the importance of an in-class TEFL is becoming more and more. If you want to work in Vietnam teaching English, then I strongly recommend an in-class course. The initial expense is well-worth the pay check at the end and your legal status for working in Vietnam!

If you are considering teach English in Vietnam looking to take a TEFL course in Vietnam then I offer the Australian government accredited CertIV TESOL which will get you a job working legally in Vietnam and all over the world through my partner course provider. The highlights of this course are guaranteed job placement, free accommodation for the duration of the course, a welcome meal and city tour on arrival. There are a number of different Vietnam teaching jobs available in completion of this course from kids, to adults, to general English and communication classes. ESL in Vietnam is rapidly changing but with this qualification you will be set-up for life.

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